No Identifiable Remains

No Identifiable Remains

‘For a dead man, Mr Dreyfuss, you have surprisingly warm lips.’

One autumn morning, Oliver Dreyfuss, celebrated chef and restaurateur, sets off on a journey to Paris by train. Behind him he leaves his attractive wife, Sonya, a successful businesswomen. Ahead of him waits Karyn Baird, the designer of his new venture in Paris, La Mission.

The train never reaches Paris. A freak accident causes it to crash fifty miles north of the capital. The express is severed in two and many of the coaches are obliterated by an intense fire, including the one in which Oliver Dreyfuss is travelling.

In the aftermath of the accident, forensic teams declare that many of the dead will have ‘no identifiable remains’ and are beyond even DNA recognition.

Oliver Dreyfuss is one of these.

News of Oliver’s death sets in motion a chain of events on both sides of the Channel. Sonya is furious, since she had no idea her husband was going to France. Karyn is distraught and cannot accept that Oliver is dead.

Three stories now begin to move forward in parallel finally to coalesce in a blizzard on a freezing mountain slope in the dead of night.

No Identifiable Remains is the story of identity lost and found and of bringing a dead man back to life. It is full of anger and hope. And the power of sex.

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